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GOE – Production AS is a company that aims to commercialize GOE BIO granules, which is a product developed for the cause of working as an environmentally friendly replacement of today’s SBR – rubber granules. The product is being field tested at Sukkevann sports park in Kristiansand municipality in the south of Norway. Within a short amount of time the first feedback data will be made available.

The main goal of this project is primarily to develop environmentally friendly granules for non-league football with optimal technical football properties. Secondary the project aims to develop environmentally friendly granules for the highest level of football and an uncertified type of granules which will work towards repairment for especially bad installments of artificial grass. The carbon footprint accounting for this product is a negative one and is under revision to be able to document det exact carbon storage effect.

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Sukkevann idrettspark, Kristiansand

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