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A 100% biological and carbon-neutral granulate for artificial pitches for football, American football and Rugby.

NORFiLL is a biological infill for artificial football fields. NorFill qualifies for FIFA Quality PRO (QP) and Quality (Q). FIFA-QP is an international standard, governed by FIFA, used to qualify artificial turfs for top football. The FIFA-Q is widely used as a standard for grassroots football. NORFiLL also qualifies for a new standard set out by the EU that requires all plastic infill removed from artificial grass pitches by 2032.

NORFILL utilize very good football properties and receives good players perceptions from senior elite players to juniors, girls and boys. Furthermore, NorFill scores well in dust tests and wear tests and appears as a robust and viable infill over years. The lifetime of NorFill is 12-15 years, at normal+ use.

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