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GOE production AS is the producer behind the product GOE BIO granules, a property fill with FIFA quality pro – properties for artificial football fields. The product is newly developed and is being field tested for the moment in Kristiansand. GOE BIO granules may be able to replace SBR – rubber granules on artificial football fields.


The product will be commercially available in  2023 with a production capacity of up to 50 fields. The product is being tested in cooperation with Kristiansand municipality and the Norwegian Football Association- NFF. The field test is taking place at Sukkevann sports park. The field tests are managed by Randesund IL and evaluated and tested through tests performed and analyzed by SportsLab for FIFA quality/FIFA quality PRO – certification. SportsLab is a FIFA accredited laboratory.


GOE – production AS is producing the product on a license for GOE – IP.


Through the winter the field tests will document the product's technical football properties. Further the product will be optimized and adjusted based on the results from the field tests, so that a finished product can be available by 2023.



GOE – production AS will have two products for sale:


1.     Fill for non- league football – FIFA Quality (possible FIFA Quality PRO – certification)

2.     Uncertified fill for rehabilitation of especially poor installments

3.     Fill for the higher level of football – FIFA Quality PRO – planned to be available in 2022/2023

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When there are between 15 – 30 order reservations for GOE BIO granules a production line will be sat in motion. This production line will produce the property fill of granules. If there is interest it is a possibility to test the field out yourself. If this is the case, you contact Randesund IL/chief executive officer Øystein Konradsen. In the months to come this field will be used to its full capacity and we will receive feedback consecutively from managers, young players and senior players through a data collection system. The system will evaluate the whole installation from padding to granules based on empirical statistics. This will be a player feedback system developed by NFF and SportsLab in collaboration with the Swedish football association. The data will be collected through an APP – system. The physical standardized measures will be done by SportsLab over a span of time to be able to document the quality and certify the product objectively and on an independent basis.


The purpose of the method explained is to systematically document the product and prepare it for commercial use by 2023.


The product is produced based on a special grain of Birch that grows in Norway. Production is based in Hjelmeland in Rogaland which is in the south- west of Norway. The product is a clean nature product and has passed every demand that is set considering environmental toxins.


Excessive data about the product is received with a formal request of purchase.

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